I will always uphold these conservative principles

Belief in God and the traditional family are the strength of this nation.

The government is the servant of the people and the people should be actively engaged in it.

Taxes should be low because high taxes slow the progress of the nation. Individuals should only be taxed what is required for necessary government operation.

We must protect Idaho’s sovereignty and independence from the federal government.

Parents have the right to educate their children at home, in a private school, or through the public school system.

We must protect our farmers, and especially family farms, which are a basic strength of our nation.

Protecting the environment is not more important than protecting individual liberty and property rights, especially preserving access to our water and forests.

We must support small businesses, and pass legislation to remove excessive regulation and help our businesses thrive.

We must consistently oppose any infringement whatsoever on our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

We must protect and defend our national borders, including completing the construction of a border wall.

We must diligently protect individual freedom, including recognizing that life is precious and begins at conception.

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