Idaho Should Repeal the Grocey Tax!

Idaho is one of only five states throughout the entire country that taxes all groceries at the full sales tax rate. With a nearly $2 billion surplus in Idaho’s budget, money that rightfully belongs to Idaho’s taxpayers, citizens are contacting their legislators by the thousands asking that the state’s grocery tax be repealed.

For years Idahoans have asked for grocery tax relief and have been continually denied.

Last month RINO Senators outright lied about Senator Christy Zito and what she was trying to do when she attempted to attach the Grocery Tax Relief bill to the Income Tax Bill. Senate leaders released a statement claiming Senator Zito tried to kill the income tax relief bill when she was actually trying to add more tax relief to the bill, not stop the tax relief. In a video statement, Zito said, “All I tried to do is what I have heard citizens of this state ask for, for the six years I have served in this body.”

The following day when Senator Zito had the floor during a point of personal privilege, she asked for permission to read from the Idaho Senate Majority Caucus press release in which she was accused of trying to kill the income tax relief bill. She was passively-aggressively bullied into silence by a parliamentary procedure and not allowed to defend her position. How did this happen? Senate Majority Leader Kelly Anthon silenced Senator Zito by calling for the senate session to “Go at Ease” meaning for the video recording of the session to stop. Obviously, the Senate Leadership did not want Senator Zito’s statements recorded for all to hear.

The Senate Leadership is well-aware that we have a nearly $2 billion surplus in our coffers and yet instead of returning it to the people, they support Brad Little increasing the budget by 17%!

I’m calling on the Senate to represent the people who elected you! Stop ignoring the people who sent you to Boise and give the people of Idaho tax relief by repealing the grocery tax!

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